Paintball, snipers

Posted on Thursday, 15 February 2007 by haan | 0 comments

CSLim's pair of eyes was full of fire before he really got into the firing mood... he made good shots troughout the game.

Shin Yi: Here am I... don't come over or I'll shoot you!

With the face mask (although just holding it), Caine Caine looked a bit like salty egg superman.

Once in his lifetime, Alvin had orange blood.

CMLee's latest hairstyle for the new year.

As a slightly seasoned player among the others, Weng Kit welcomed every shot and injury with smiles.

A live shot for Chris when he was shooting.

An intra-team conflict between Shin Yi and Seng Seng.

Chris' friend who was once truly dizzy. Who secretly shot him from the back?

Poor Justin looked so depressed whilst CSLim was feeling extremely delighted! Justin, are you ok? Still able to sing?





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