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Posted on Monday, 14 July 2008 by haan | 12 comments

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Having an experience climbing up the Panorama Hill last year, this time we allowed ourselves to sleep till 5am in the morning, and started the journey from our rest house at around 5:30am.


Honestly, compared to last year, Sg Lembing is now more touristy. This is an effect of TV programs. Nowadays, you could see buses arriving at Sg Lembing early in the morning, bringing in a lot of hikers.

The hikers consist of either young kids or senior citizens. For ourselves, perhaps we should be positioned as the "middle young" category :)



There were quite a lot of people going uphill. As known, the starting was energy-consuming, due to large and steep staircase. The sky was still dark...

As long as having strong enough determination, there is surely no problem to get to the hill top. Not only hiking, the same applies to every aspect in our life.

Upon arriving, there was nothing much but to start shooting photos.





I don't know why. I'm someone who is addicted to the feeling of being "up high"... such as on the hill, mountain, and seeing a sea of clouds from the flight. Maybe at these moments, we could feel or realize that the world is actually very big, and we are just small, as well as all the problems we face in life.

There is a statement (original author unknown):
Translation: Life is a series of realization. We realize we are tiny hence hope for changes.

Though not having very good stamina for against-the-gravity activities, when thinking of what I'd enjoy after the not-easy hike, I'm driven with an unknown force. Last year, at the Yellow Mountain, I enjoyed scenic views too.

We would not forget a group photo. Yong did not go along. Andrew was the one taking the shot.

This does not look that nice, but since it's taken by others, what could we require?

Everyone is now prepared to go down for breakfast.

A wild plant with morning dew on it.

Missions accomplished!! We spent the weekend for 2 tiring activities starting early in the morning (first day's activity was an adventure to the Rainbow Waterfall). Though tiring, I think everyone was feeling nice.


Andrea, Udine, Italy said...

Great pics! Great place!
I'm sorry that is becoming more touristic...
I would remember it like a lost dreaming place...
BTW, i woke up at 4 am that time!!! :-P

haan said...

andrea, which pic seems to be the nicest? (that's the reason putting #1, #2 and so forth, hehe)

last year we also woke up at 4am. since we had to wait for long up there, so we just woke up and started later this year.

i hope the tourists do not spoil the beautiful place.

CK-II said...

Great pics! Some of them look like the Chinese paintings. Well done! :)

ColinJong said...

Excellent work. I like #2.

From your images properties, I notice that you were using ISO 800 for all the pictures except the last 2 pictures with ISO 400? Why not reduce it to ISO 100 or lower so that you can lower the noise? You may need to use tripod if you lower the ISO though.

Have you learn what is HDR? It can be applied on #2.

SiewPeng said...

we are really excited looking at these pictures and wanted to go there. We also like the feeling when standing on top of a high place, but what I can feel that my vision is widen, and everything can be taken care of and we can put more effort to make sure everyting is under control. :)

I would like to share with you also our experience on a high place - Mt. Matang (Kuching), Kledang Hill (Ipoh) and Table Top (Toowoomba).

Anonymous said...

hi.. the panorama hills photo is so nice. very nice angle.

YEN said...

Looks like the view is nicer this time. I remember there wasn't so much cloud the last time we went there.

Chee Hoe said...

Really nice pics. Make me want to buy a Nikon SLR as well

The last time I went up a hill was Bukit Tinggi. But that was driving up hill :P

Andrea, Udine, Italy said...

For my feeling best are 1-2-3-6.
also the group pics are nice, nice colors.

haan said...

hi all, looking back at the photos taken last year (using different white balance), i do feel those taken this year look nicer.. or maybe the scenery was indeed more beautiful during the second visit?

however, the 2nd visit doesn't allow the bird-eye view of sg lembing, due to too much cloud. can just say, every time has its good and bad.

colin, haven't got time to try that out. i think will have time for that only at the end of july. that's also why there is no new post today ^^ i didn't bring tripod along that day.. normally i feel, for ISO up to 800, the noise is still tolerable. so i always make that the max to go for..

siew peng, u make me miss toowoomba again! i've only been to the table top once, and it was in the afternoon, not morning. yea, i remember during summer, i started to get panic when i still didn't sleep at 4:30am, and the sun had started to rise...

chee hoe, i think harder the way to get up, u appreciate the view more. agree?? ^^

andrea, thanks for your kind rating :)

Anonymous said...


jam said...

The pics look like those from Huangshan too, haha! By the way, I will prefer this version, 人生就是不停的觉醒,不停看到自己的渺小,所以应该学会满足和接受自己与别人的不足。



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