Space to Grow

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Saw these statements somewhere today:

If you feel like some of the people in your life still see you like you were X years ago, but in your heart of hearts you know you have changed immeasurably, then you need to talk to them about it. It's not a matter of shocking the pants off them but you do need to let them know that they need to allow you to grow!

Suddenly realized that, the act of ASSUMING people are still the same as you last met/talked to them, is a way of not allowing others to grow. (so serious~~)

So, should we start a conversation by asking an OPEN QUESTION, giving others a chance to share with us, how they have changed and grown over the "now minus x" period?

I guess most people are prone to see others as no change, whilst not liking others to see ourselves as the same as our "past version".

Hay Bales in Sekinchan

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Last Sunday, out of expectation, I shot how the hay bales are made. Created an album in Facebook to share the photos with my fellow friends. A lot of people unexpectedly liked the album.

The figure actually outnumbered my NZ photo albums :)

The above shows the change of the paddy fields. From having some greens left, till the greens gradually faded, then become a total brown. The fourth photo shows the close view of grass hay.

This week, almost all the fields have been harvested. Normally, field burning is the next thing to be done by the farmers, to prepare for another new season.

Almost 3 years ago, I used to share here about the burnt fields. That is the most traditional method to clean the fields. Of course, to have the field easy to burn, it has to be sufficiently dry. These few days, rain is frequent in Sekinchan, therefore you see the burnt field in the photo above is dampened.

However, in recent years, I notice the occurence of hay bales in Sekinchan. Prior to this, I've only seen them overseas. The first picture below shows the hay bales in New Zealand (source: click here).

While being accompanied by some models, the hay bales appear to be more lively.

The photos were taken during my ex-colleagues' visit during June 2009.

In fact, I'm not too sure how and exactly when this haymaking technology was introduced to the local farmers. As far as I know, the farmers actually do not earn much by selilng these hay bales to others as animal fodder. Sometimes, after these hay bales are made, there are mischievous people burning them off before the bales are sold for a little money return (RM 50).

Normally, about 20 hay bales can be produced from half a field. You can count from the following photo, which is newly taken just today.

Some time ago, I did a search about hay bales. Wikipedia provides quite a comprehensive elaboration. From the page, it mentions there are hay of good and bad quality.

Good quality hay is green and not too coarse, and includes plant heads and leaves as well as stems. This is fresh grass/alfalfa hay, newly baled. (Source: Wikipedia)

Poor quality hay is dry, bleached out and coarse-stemmed. Sometimes, hay stored outdoors will look like this on the outside but still be green inside the bale. A dried, bleached or coarse bale is still edible and provides some nutritional value as long as it is dry and not moldy, dusty, or rotting. (Source: Wikipedia)

There are also square hays (Source of images: Wikipedia). I wonder will they occur in Sekinchan someday in the future?

Round bales are harder to handle than square bales but compress the hay more tightly.

Hay is grass, legumes or other herbaceous plants that have been cut, dried, and stored for use as animal fodder, particularly for grazing livestock such as cattle, horses, goats, and sheep. Hay is also fed to pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Pigs may be fed hay, but they do not digest it as efficiently as more fully herbivorous animals.

Hay is very sensitive to weather conditions, particularly when it is harvested. In drought conditions, both seed and leaf production are stunted, making hay that has a high ratio of dry coarse stems that have very low nutritional values. If the weather is too wet, the cut hay may spoil in the field before it can be baled. The hay may also develop rot and mold after being baled, creating the potential for toxins to form in the feed, which could make the animals sick. It also has to be stored in a manner to prevent it from getting wet. Mold and spoilage reduce nutritional value and may cause illness in animals.

Source: Wikipedia

What's the machine producing the hay bales? It's called a hay baler. In order to provide a better viewing experience of the process of haymaking, I purposely downloaded Windows Movie Maker 2.6 to manage my continous shots. This is the first movie I've ever made in my life (very simple one to start with, hehe)!

Regarding its name in Chinese, a friend, who is also an avid photography fan, calls it 卷卷草. To be frank, when I saw this term for the first time, I did go to Google Image Search to find out what's it. None of the images seem to be right! After awhile, only I realized she meant these hay bales.

What would I call it in Chinese? Personally I feel the term 卷卷草 is not perfectly suitable, as grass (草) is not the same as hay (乾草). I feel it's more suitable to be called 乾草捆 or 乾草卷.

What do you think?

My First Photobook - Footprints in New Zealand

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I started to create this photobook via since early April. I successfully have something I could share with others only today (end of June).

First trial - published the photobook successfully. Discovered some typos. Wished to revise the project but the project failed to load. Contacted Lulu's support, but nothing could be sorted out. They said my project could be too large, hence it was unable to load successfully.

Second trail - tried to create another project. Similar to the first one, it has 90 pages. This round, the failure occured earlier. I couldn't even publish the photobook! It took ages to process but never complete. Tried several times to publish, but still.. there was no positive outcome.

Today, 23 Jun 2010, after work.

Without much optimistic expectation, I logged on to, re-opened my 2nd project. Thinking to see if I could resize any photos to make the entire project smaller. In fact, I resized only 2 photos (to become a little bit smaller only), and tried to click on the "publish" button.

Surprisingly, I saw a progress bar of publishing! That means this time it's not gonna hang there for ages!

Eventually, everything was nicely completed. Yeah!!!

Would like to share with you my first photobook, which is available here.

Need not click on the "Add to Cart" button. Instead, you could just click on the PREVIEW hyperlink. I've enabled the preview of the entire book.

I do not expect to sell this book. Nobody will be interested to buy as well. I just wish to share my compilation of the selected photos.

You see a price there. In fact, the cost price itself is already >$50, a figure decided by (considering the number of pages, paper size, type of binding), not a price set by me. The earning from selling each book is less than $5. Of course, I can set a higher price, but I didn't. Just follow the default price given by Lulu.

Honestly, I do plan to order a hardcopy for myself. No special purpose but just as a memory for myself. Yet to check out how much is the postage.

If you take time to preview the book, would you mind to provide me feedback? This is anyway my first photobook. Any comment is very much appreciated.


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IGNORE is the way

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以前,或許我是比較執著(好聽的說法就是“認真”)。對於別人的每個問題,我都盡可能很仔細地回答。所以,我曾經很忍受不了澳洲人那種A君問“How are you?”或“How was your weekend?”,B君不必多想就可以快速回答“Lovely~~!”的情況。B君真的是以蠻誇張的表情回答的那樣。

以往,我也是很不喜歡人家問我how are you之類的問題。我怎麼樣啊?那麼久沒見,我如何能三言兩語交代清楚呢?那時我已經開始寫部落格,所以有時我會說,你要的話可以去看我的文章。並不是爲了幫自己的部落引進讀者,只是那裡真的有比較仔細的記敘和訴說。

現在,我的想法已經改變了些許。我已經不再抗拒人家問我how are you。被問的時候,我也已經像以前自己頂不順那些人脫口就回答個“good”。這是最簡潔的答案。如果你如實回答說,“嗯,似乎不太順利”之類的,別人就會接下去問你說問什麽,然後你就必須開始說故事。






2010過了半年。至今我學到的最有用的東西就是叫做“IGNORE”,不理。好聽一點可以叫做doesn't care a straw。








“要保重身体啊~ 有机会来XX逛逛啊,很漂亮的,旅游胜地啊~”


Chempaka Chalets, Long Beach, Perhentian Island

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It's been long since I last wrote about an accommodation, which I stayed during my trip. This is because I've not been traveling for quite some time :P

(Click on the image for bigger and clearer words)

During my recent diving trip to the Perhentian Island, we landed on Long Beach. The place we stayed was Chempaka Chalets. Among the three available types, we were able to book for the longhouse. No other option was available for us.

As you can see from the website, in terms of price, it still ranked the middle (and shall be not too bad eh?!).

Honestly, I'd say accommodation is important as we were having tiring sports during the day. Therefore, at night, it's crucial to have a comfortable place to sleep, in order to regain energy. My friend was a little upset coz there was no air-cond in the room. For me, just a fan room would be sufficient. I was glad that there was an attached bathroom, coz I had to wait long for a shower during my times in the Redang island.

When I first sighted and entered the room, there was immediately an OH MY GOD feeling arising. Oh no, this is the RM50/night room! I was ignorant that there were MUCH MORE EXCITING STUFFS awaiting me at night!!

In fact, before experiencing the first night, all of us already intended to find another place to stay. We were okay to have the paid money forfeited. However, everywhere was full during the long weekend. When we enquired for other places and were told no vacancy, the people asked us, where were we staying.

We answered "Chempaka", and the people replied, what's wrong with the place? In addition, their prices were almost the same. I reckon there is not much difference between them.

  1. Too much mosquitoes. Even if you apply mosquitoes repellent MANY MANY times, it doesn't really help. Mosquito coils do not seem to be very effective too.
  2. Too old. Things are not in good condition.
  3. Too hot. There is a fan in the room, BUT... the fan is full of dust, and the fan couldn't really cool you down. Having the so-called fan is equivalent to having NO FAN.
  4. Electricity is limited, only between 7pm-7am.
  5. Basin is leaking. Shower is not working well.
  6. No towel is still okay. There is no toilet paper too.
  7. Scary if you can't stand seeing a lot of ants, wondering why they flock together :)
I talked to a Dive Master who was new to the place. He told me, he was working at a dive center in Big Perhentian before. The mosquitoes there only "operate" for half an hour everyday, which is around 6:30pm to 7pm. He could not understand why were there so much FIERCE MOSQUITOES around Spice Divers, and the mosquitoes repellent given by the other staff was not effective at all!!

After listening to him, only I realized, Perhentian was not that bad. We were just having a bad luck experiencing all those during our first visit :(

On the first night, I actually woke up just after 1-hour "sleep". It was so hot, and I kept scratching my hands and legs, making the existing wounds worse. I woke up to cover the wounds so that my scratches would not make them TOO BAD. When I woke up on the next early morning around 5am (for a sunrise dive), it was much better and cooling.

According to our analyses, the mosquitoes should be due to the environment around Chempaka Chalets. Perhaps it's too DIRTY. You can see a truly polluted small lake around the area.

Did you see how CLEAN is the lake from the photos above? The lizard appears very often at the area. If you would scream when seeing a lizard, I bet you'd have lost your voice before you left Perhentian :)

Also, for the 6 rooms belonging to the longhouse, there is no standardization. You would have different number of clothes-hanging lines, different number of power cord, one or no lock (but can request from the reception) etc.

In short, this Chempaka Chalets really made me having phobia with Perhentian Island, till I went to see a doctor and having my skin rashes cured. I shall visit Perhentian Island in the future again, to make myself having better impression with it. So far, I still feel Redang Island is cleaner and more beautiful.

We saw some people sleeping on the beach with mosquito net. I admire them!!

Some even need just a straw mat!

I'm not as cool as them. That's why when I was in NZ, I never ever slept in the car. For me, rest and sleep are of the utmost importance!

World Cup 2010

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4年前(一轉眼就4年了,真的是光陰荏苒),是我毅然決定離開澳洲,回來大馬的時候。我用了很久來思考這個決定,不斷問自己,是否可以接受失去當時所擁有的一切美好?我和蠻多人討論,翠霞還說,爲什麽我變得那麼躊躇了,因為她印象裡的我不是那樣的。後來,KH的一句“follow your heart”、一篇週末寫的文章,讓我理清了紊亂死思緒,也作了個很多普通人會質疑、覺得不理智的決定。

從跟老闆辭職到真正離開,若沒記錯,沒有超過兩星期。很記得老闆跟我說,沒關係,什麽1 month notice只是形式上的東西。況且,當時剛完成某個企劃,也適逢澳洲的end of financial year,在那個月尾離開最適合不過。



當時,我在檳城以遠距離的方式,念著澳洲大學的學士學位。因為寂寞難耐,我白天在律師樓打工,傍晚放工后就到學院上課。有些科目如Accounting,因為學院只有我一個人念,必須自己在家裡自修。那時我很幸運。學院裡頭有一個叫Mr Fong的講師,不介意讓我問問題并給予指導。我都是自己念,把疑問儲存了一段時間才去找他,然後一次過把問題問完。







Ip Man 2

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從它未上映就盤算著要去看, 直到它即將下劃的最後一天,我才去看了這部電影:《葉問2》。


那裡的電影院沒有人山人海的現象。外頭下著雨、交通十分擁擠。慶倖自己可以準時抵達,還有時間四處晃一下才入座。另一個要從KL塞車塞到那裡的損友就比較可憐了!在我拿票時,櫃檯的印度姑娘問了我兩次“Ip Man?”,我才聽得懂她在說什麽。沒有想到她說的是專有名詞啊!











講真,一看完《葉問2》,我已經想再重看。因為我默認覺得(by default覺得),看第一輪,很多小細節我都會忽略,而這電影值得我去看多幾次、發掘更多。


Quotes from Andrew Matthew

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I've forgotten since when, I've Andrew Matthews on my Facebook account, by just clicking a "Like".

As usual, he is having inspiring quotes from time to time, which are very useful to me. Since there are not a lot so far, I'd like to share the quotes with you here.
  • The happiest people don't worry too much about whether life is fair or not. They just get on with it. (9 April 2010)

  • Happy people don't just accept change - they embrace it. They are the people who say, "Why would I want my next five years to be like my last five?" (12 April 2010)

  • Assume that every problem in your life is a lesson to make you stronger. Then you never feel like a victim. (16 April 2010)

  • The Universe has no favorites. Your success and happiness depend on laws and principles - and how you use them. (24 April 2010)

  • To succeed at anything, you don't need to be a genius. But you do need a good plan! Most people quit. (27 April 2010)

  • Your mission in life is not to be without problems - your mission is to get excited! (30 April 2010)

  • For the world to treat you well, you have to treat yourself well. How can you feel like a mover and shaker when you have holes in your underwear? (7 May 2010)

  • When we forgive ourselves, we quit criticising other people. (10 May 2010)

  • If you want more peace of mind, stop labeling everything that happens as "good" or "bad". (15 May 2010)

  • The moment you get too attached to things, people, money... you screw it up! The challenge of life is to appreciate everything and attach yourself to nothing. (18 May 2010)

  • Happiness is not an accident. It is a choice – and it becomes a habit. (24 May 2010)

  • Do you ever tell people things like: "I'm FAT, I'm BORING! I'm HOPELESS!” Don’t! It irritates people. If you have nothing good to say about yourself, say nothing. Self criticism isn’t humility, it’s stupidity. (27 May 2010)

  • People who call themselves 'LUCKY' smile more, talk to more people, make more friends and persist more often – which proves its not luck! (2 June 2010)

  • No one escapes loss or disappointment – the question is how we handle it. Pain is inevitable. Misery is a choice. (8 June 2010)

Hope you like them too :)


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Around 5:30pm, if you visit the female toilet, you would see 2-3 Malay aunties there. They have just finished work, changed their uniform into casual wear, and busy putting up their make-up near the basins. During this moment, you might feel the toilet belongs to them, as they talk happily and loudly inside.

Of course, I've no issue with them. It's their rights to be there.

Just that I always wonder, is there a need to spend effort and time in making-up themselves at such time (end of the day)? It's already after work. Normally people only do this at the beginning of a day, unless they have special occasions.

Sometimes I will really think.. whether in their eyes, people like us (white-collar category who can just sit and face the laptop most of the time, and have the need to meet customer/vendor) are wasting the chances to make-up everyday? Whilst for themselves, they can do that only after work.

Perhaps what I see/think is too superficial. This job could be just a secondary thing for them. The moment spent after work together with their family is the actual worthwhile one, so they have to ensure they present themselves in their most perfect look.

Some people used to say, making-up yourself is a way of respecting yourself and others. I've been doubting such saying for long. How can the few colours differentiate if you are a respectful person? Sometimes it even transforms you into someone who looks more evil than usual!

According to Dayo Wong (黄子华), putting up make-up is a way of cheating with your face - coz you make your eyes look bigger, change the color of your face etc... He mentioned, if you can still be recognized after removing your make-up, then that's called 'make up'.

A lot of times, I see guys complaining, there is no beautiful girl in their office. Or they claim, the girls in their offices do not know how to make themselves look nice. No make-up, no dresses, no high-heels etc. But when the girls try a little bit of make-up, the guys say they look like panda (the making-up skills are to be improved).

In fact, the guys are not very good also. In the girls' eyes, they are also very 'common' only, not making the girls' eyes feel very rewarded too. I just don't understand why female has the responsibility in fulfilling guys' "viewing needs"?

From my point of view, the most important thing is, you present quality work. All in all, you come to office to work, not for beauty peagent competition. As long as you look tidy and not irritating, that's sufficient. Having to iron clothes every weekend is a tough job, compared to just throwing the clothes into the washing machine.

I'm lucky to always get a job which allows me to go to work in casual wear :)

Blessed to be Home

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On the road: Last Night in Perhentian | Summary of Perhentian Trip Expenses | Fabulous People, Wonderful Trip | Blessed to be Home | Chempaka Chalets, Long Beach | Dived Sugar Wreck | Dived T3 | Dived Temple of the Sea | Bus to/from Kuala Besut | Made my First Video | About Perhentian (Traveller's Point) | About Perhentian (Dive Happy)

Today is Friday. As usual, I came home directly after work. Tommorow will have one-day-trip to the city again.

Time passes swiftly. Last Friday, I just arrived at Perhentian Island, did 2 dives, and went for dinner with my other 9 dive mates, taking vegetarian tomyam meal.

At night, due to having a sunrise dive next morning (have to wake up at 5:15am), I went to bed at 10:30pm. Mae was my roommate. You know, at 11:30pm, I already woke up, due to the terrible heat and crazy mosquitoes. I kept scratching my hands and legs, unable to sleep.

Therefore, I woke up to cover those 'sensitive areas' with something. So that when I scratched, it would not cause direct harm to those areas.

Today, I'm home. I can sleep in my own room, my bed, with a blanket, a fan, and a lot of pillows. Last week, there was just a pillow, a wall fan that's full of dust and moved so slowly like an old man (basically you felt nothing), and I was not sure if the bed sheet was changed after the previous people checked out.

Not trying to be fussy, but my skin really could not stand the not-up-to-standard environment. Next time, I'd for sure look for more expensive place to stay. I do not mind pay a little more for a good sleep. This time was really no choice. We tried to ask for other places but all were full.

Yesterday, finally I went to see a doctor after work, for the rashes on my hands, neck and even face (first time on the face). The Malay uncle guarding our parking area tried to tease me by saying that taking an injection is very effective. I replied him, my case was not as serious as needing an injection, just simple medication would be enough.

Who knows, when the doctor saw my rashes, he said, MUST have an injection, apart from giving me medicines, cream to apply, and something to bath with. When I was about to settle the bill, wow, it's RM100. Normally I'll be charged that much only if I go see a specialist.

Anyway, we've gotta pay 'tuition fees' to learn something. Luckily the 'fees' this round are claimable :)



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