Suppression of Holiday Mood

Posted on Tuesday, 16 August 2011 by haan | 4 comments

Holiday mood is indeed not easy to supress.

Honestly, before going off, I'm trying to get a lot of things done. So that when I come back, I can just "enjoy the crop". These include voicing some requests which have been kept long (due to certain reasons). Yesterday, I settled 2 requests. They were very much smoother than expected. Therefore, yesterday I actually went home in a super happy mood. Lesson learned: don't be shame to ask. Worries come from purely our own limited knowledge and subjective perception. After communications, you might find that you've got unnecessary worries.

This morning, once I reached office and signed in to Skype (IM used for work), a colleague from China started to prompt me. Normally, when he calls my Chinese name so nicely and say morning (not in English or just 'hi'), I'd be nervous, thinking that there must be bad news coming to me. But today, I had a feeling that he would be asking me something not related to work. Haha, as expected, he recalled about my August trip to China, so asked me when am I leaving. Normally, when talking about work, we just use English, but for non-work-related topics (especially about traveling), we will chat in Chinese. He has helped me in getting something which I'll use for upcoming trip too. Appreciate that very much.

It was a very pleasurable chat. Whilst feeling envy that I'm going to somewhere he wishes to go too, he said his heart seems to have flown to Tibet (the place he always mentions and wants to go). Then we talked something about next year. I also shared with him some of my plans, which I hope one day will become reality. I'm actually trying to suppress my excited mood, but, it's too bad for me to reject the travel-talk (in fact I'm lack of the ability to reject such a topic, hehe).

During lunch, "without concious" I browsed through some photos taken during my previous trips, as well as the self-created videos after some diving trips. This worsened the situation. Not sure why, in normal days, we always forget that life can be as good as when we are traveling. The smiles, the friendship and everything, tend to be forgotten when we are loaded with work, stress, traffic jam etc. Anyway, without those boring days, we will not have funds for fun-filled travels.

Though the self-created videas are not of professional level, but with those prime selection of photos, relaxing background music, it's a quickest way to reminisce a lot of sweet memories. Miss the fun, miss the friends, miss everything that's good.

I'm still counting down. Anyway, tomorrow is a public holiday... for Selangor only :D Worst still is, some unknown online strangers (which we shared information via forum, about the place I'm going) are counting down on behalf of me too!


VaishVijay said...

Yeah, good mood always comes along with holiday planning and reminiscing!

haan said...

pretty, too bad that i can't have as many holidays as you :)

Kai and Baobei said...

旅途愉快,路上照顾自己 :) 很久没有上来看博文 ~

庭の记事簿 said...

Have a safe journey =)



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