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Couldn't really find much thing to write about my Weh Island trip. Everything comes in a package (inclusive of airport transfer, accommodation, food, scuba diving). Basically, you can say that I didn't need to prepare anything or read any information. I just transferred my payment to the organizer, Mr Steering, and let him take charge of everything. What I need to do was just to TRUST HIM :)

Anyway, as usual, allow me to share some of my thoughts about the place I've stayed.

Pulau Weh Resort is pretty new. When another dive mate visited the place in Oct 2011, the rooms only had an exterior shape. Renovation was still incomplete. Assuming that the rooms were ready for operation since the end of 2011 (as what the dive mate was told), during our visit in March 2012, the rooms were like 4-month old only.

I tend to be a budget backpacker. I don't look for luxury accommodation, but would rather spend the amount of money on something else. All in all, that's just a place to store luggage, take shower, do some writing, sleep. Most of the time is still spent OUTSIDE the room. Of course, if I travel for work, I will not reject the good rooms :P

Anyway, due to having a bad experience in Perhentian Island, even I don't have very high expectation, I do have certain selection criteria. At the very least, it should not be too hot, not full of mosquitoes, not dirty (my nose and skin are very sensitive) and I'm able to fall sleep. Especially for a diving trip, if I don't get sufficient sleep, I don't have energy to do anything, and won't enjoy the trip. Also, after going to the sea, there is a must to wash my hair. Therefore, a strong enough shower is necessary. This round, I wrote to Pulau Weh Resort to ask if hair-dryer is provided. Since the answer was a negative one, I brought along one myself.

Prior to my departure, a colleague who had been to Pulau Weh told me, there are a lot of mosquitoes, and reminded me to bring along some lemongrass candles. I checked the resort website, got to know the rooms are air-conditioned, then I was not that worried.

During our 4 nights stay at Pulau Weh Resort, we were the only customers. No other people. It feels like the entire resort was ours. No crowd, no noise, less worry. Sometimes we just left our rooms unlocked :) I personally have very good impression on the rooms. Spacious, design is excellent, a lot of power points (needless to worry any of your electrical appliances can't get charged), a lot of cabinets (feel like you are going to stay long there), good division of areas (washroom/toilet; beds; recreational space). Beside each bed, there is a small light which you can switch on without affecting the others. This is really thoughtful.

Just near the entrance into the room, there is a tap for you to wash your feet. There is also an outdoor shower. These allow you to minimize the contaminant you could bring into the comfortable room.

The room has a very high ceiling, not giving an "oppressed" feeling to people staying there. On the first night, even I was sleeping in such a good room, on a very good bed, not sure why I failed to fall asleep. When I opened my eyes and saw the very high ceiling, I felt the room was really cool. In the room, there is an air-conditioner. Glad to know that my room mate is not the kind who likes to sleep in a very freezing temperature. Both of us prefer >20 Celcius. Otherwise, I could guarantee that on the next morning, I would have running nose, keep sneezing and have problem going into the sea.

The room is spacious enough to accommodate for 3 people. The resort staff will add a bed in the room. If you were to save money, this option is surely a good one to go for. Since we have 8 people in total, we had three rooms (3-2-3). The only bad thing I don't like about the room is, there is a TRAP that stumbles people. After a few times of "nearly fall down", I finally fell down. That time, near the exit, I turned back to get an umbrella (yea, it does provide 2 RED umbrellas in the room), then my already-injured knees kissed the floor. It was truly painful. Feedback this to the resort owner, and understood that they originally wanted to have a curtain there, just that it was not implemented yet.

In the bathroom, there are 2 types of shower heads - hand held and rain. This is really surprising. However, I personally do not like the rain shower head (had it at Castaway Resort last year). Using that, it's not adjustable and it's impossible to take a shower without getting the hair wet. Thanks to the lack of other customers, when I requested for a basin for diving gears cleaning, the owner amicably said okay. With that, dive gears cleaning becomes much easier for us. Also because of that, I got to know the cleanliness of the water :)

Moving to the restaurant, the food served were okay. On the first night, they served luxury food (lots of meat, seafood) but these are not suitable for me. I requested them to maybe just fry me a plate of veges for subsequent meals. After that, in every meal, there were few types of vege for my selection. Yet, they didn't sacrifice the "good food" which my mates enjoyed very much. Just that, sometimes we found their food is too spicy. After a few days, some of us started to have cough. Not too sure whether the spicy food was the root cause.

Water, tea, coffee are available at all times. Free WiFi is available as well. Not far from the restaurant, there is a space for you to sit, face the sea and chill out. My mates love to play mahjong there, whilst hearing the sound of sea.

Talking about the scuba diving service provided by the resort, it's a little disappointing. The dive master (DM) assigned is actually not even a certified diver. I think he's just someone who knows how to dive. The purpose of being guided by a local DM is because they are familiar with the dive sites, hence able to bring divers to see special things. With that DM, we really didn't benefit much from him. Basically, Mr Steering and I just dived around by ourselves and tried to find something to see. The DM was just like escorting us. Sometimes he did point something to us, but those are all very common stuff, not something special that could excite us.

The experienced instructor was busy teaching his Open Water student. The student is also one of our group. After a few dives, we requested the instructor to bring us (after his student could dive steadily). Up until the last dive (8th dive), only we felt truly enjoyable (dived for 95 mins!). Anyway, when knowing that we felt cold with the sea, the instructor did provide us a hood to keep us warm. When he knew I had cough, he did give me a pill so that I could sleep well at night.

I do appreciate these.

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