Tioman Trip (Apr 2012) Expenses

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My expenses for this trip are as follows:

  1. Impiana Inn (twin sharing, 2 nights) = RM 140
  2. Ferry ticket (Mersing - Tioman - Mersing) = RM 70
  3. Marine Park Conservation Fee = RM 5
  4. Four boat dives = RM 280
  5. One shore dive (night) = RM 45
  6. Diving Gears Rental (2 days) = RM 100
  7. Meals = RM 54 (total of the below-listed is divided by 8 people)
    • Dinner on 14/4 - RM 137
    • Lunch on 15/4 - RM 76
    • Supper on 15/4 - RM 130
    • Dinner on 16/4 - RM 88

Total: RM 694

Meanwhile, wish to specially thank these people:

  • Chen - We travelled by his comfortable Estima. His wife filled in the petrol (full tank) prior to our departure. He drove quite some distance as well.
  • Leong - On the way back, he sponsored the cost of petrol. He was also one of the drivers. I wish to thank him for the KFC Milo and vege noodle in Mersing town too. He didn't wanna take our/my money for these meals. 
  • DK - He bought along 1kg of Bak Gua, bought us soft drinks during surface interval on 15/4, bought us ice cream on 16/4.
  • WP - Thanks for managing the meals payment. People did say I'm good in trip planning, but a bit blur in managing $$. Therefore, prior to this trip, I also tend not to bring along my money. While needed, I would get WP to help and repay him later. For the roti canai I ate while waiting for the ferry arrival, I think it was paid by WP as well. Didn't return him the amount :P

These are some references... in case we wanna check back in the future:

Ferry between Mersing and Tioman

Conservation Fee

Dinner on 14/4/2012



Last Dinner at Kluang, 16/4/2012




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