On the Road of Nepal - D12

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D12: Relaxing & Shopping around Pokhara (22 Sep 2012, Sat)

No alarm was set for this morning. I was glad for being able to sleep till the moment I felt wanna wake up. Last night, I went to bed at 9:30pm, but at about 1200, I woke up and surfed Internet, in order to finish my incomplete blog post. Something undone made me uncomfortable. The Internet connection during that hour was quite good. I was thinking if I should continue doing the rest, but I asked myself to relax. So, I completed one post only.

Last night, while I was asleep, I received SMS from WW. She was upgraded to business class seat again, and she met Praswish at the Kathmandu airport. Praswish was very funny, he brought WW a pack of instant noodle called Wai Wai. He said that’s a very famous instant noodle in Nepal. When I shared this with Elaine, she laughed.

Charles went out to the lakeside first. We got to know that via Facebook, when he took and uploaded a photo of his “simple breakfast”. Since he said the food there was good, Elaine and I joined him at the restaurant afterwards. I swore I won’t eat at this hotel anymore. I rather eat Lays.

Simple Breakfast, Love Kush, Rs 150 (RM 5.35)

The simple breakfast is only Rs 150 (RM 5.4) and it’s very filling. All of us made the same order. We sat for quite long at the restaurant, enjoying the much better WiFi there (compared to the WiFi in hotel). Then we went to the travel agent next door to ask some questions. Tomorrow, we’d like to hire a car to go around Pokhara, by having Sarangkot as the first destination, to see sunrise and the Annapurna Himalaya Range. We also asked about hiring a car to Bandipur and Lumbini then back to Kathmandu, and how the route should be. Of course, bargaining was something we must do here in Nepal.

We then walked towards the market area (actually that’s an area with many shops for shopping purposes). The place is just similar to Khao San Rd in Bangkok, or Vang Vieng in Laos. Charles and Elaine got attracted by a shop selling Tibetan Handicrafts. They went in and chose a lot of things they love. I took time to write postcards there and sent them out at the bookshop next door. Honestly, the items sold here in Pokhara are much cheaper than in Kathmandu. Moreover, the shop selling Tibetan handicrafts does not have additional charge if you pay by credit card. In short, they bought a total of 10kg things, and couriered back to Malaysia. The boss was very easy-going too. When discount was requested, he directly gave a 20% discount of the total price.

The items Charles bought were mainly for his new house (I don't actually remember how many houses he has). He also told me when he moves into his new house, what we can give to him (is it too early to tell now? hahaha). Anyway, his request is not hard to fulfil. I will get our Weh gang members to do it together.

Having pizzas at Monsoon Bar & Grill

After 2 hours of shopping, we were all bombarded by hunger already. We went to the restaurant nearby the Tibetan shop to have pizzas. The ambience was good and we could see Phewa lake from there. During happy hours, the pizzas were entitled for 30% discount as well. After eating, we walked around the streets, checked prices at outdoor equipments shop again.

Then, it started to rain heavily. Charles did not bring his raincoat so I shared my umbrella with him. This round, he was like “locking” me while walking together by holding my right shoulder quite tightly. I told him, I felt very uncomfortable and difficult to walk like that. He replied, that was because I always walk too fast. Oh no… in fact I feel I still walk very slowly compared to a lot of people… but when compared to him who wants to walk consistently in small steps, I suddenly became a “fast walker”!!!

Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal

I thought of the clothes I hung at the balcony next to my room. I was not sure if it’s shaded. Since Elaine realized she actually had her raincoat in bag (she originally thought she only had an umbrella) and Charles could have her umbrella, I walked back to hotel first. Yea, I walked quickly again. Luckily… my clothes were not dampened. Both of them stopped by somewhere to have drinks before coming back to hotel. Later Charles came back with a big pack of salt (only Rs 20 equivalent to RM 0.7). This morning, I realized that the quick-dry pants we newly bought would decolorize. So before they damage more of my other clothes, we have to settle them first.

Due to having late lunch, I didn’t actually feel hungry at dusk. I simply ate a pack of Lays then I brushed my teeth, “calling it a day” in terms of food. The rest of night was spent in the hotel room, doing my homework and other misc stuff. Tomorrow morning, we've gotta wake up early again...




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