Last Post before Christmas

Posted on Monday, 24 December 2012 by haan | 0 comments

The Christmas holiday has begun.

First day was spent for scuba diving, Christmas gifts shopping, clothes ironing, packing of luggage, doing homework. Second day was spent for a trip to the North Shore (9am to 4pm). In few hours, I'm boarding the flight to the US mainland. Flying to Los Angeles together with 4 classmates (3 Japanese guys, 1 Taiwanese girl), spending about a week on the mainland, then coming back to Oahu before the arrival of another whole new year.

I thought I'd have time to write some words here prior to departure. However, seems like time is not enough. A lot of friends have left Malaysia for their Christmas holiday too. Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand etc... I've got very strong holiday mood before the last class ended prior to the beginning of my Christmas holiday. 

2012 is an exciting year for me. I'm glad that I made a RIGHT decision. In fact, "right or wrong" is very subjective. Everyone has different philosophy, point of view, priority in life. No matter how, I'm glad with my own choice. That's enough. When Dec 2012 quietly approached, I started to compile an album which records the memorable moments of my year. It consists of a lot of FIRST TIMES in my life. I wish I will always remember these amazing moments.

It might not be complete yet, but that's what I can do as of now. There is one more week to call 2012 an amicable end. I hereby sincerely share my album "Snapshots of my 2012" with you. Hope it's at least a little inspiring, and you would like it. Last year, I finished reading 11 books in total. This year, the number is only 9 (travel-related books are 66% of all). I brought another 3 traveling-related books to Hawaii, but do not have chance and time to read them.

I'm not bringing my laptop along for this US mainland trip, therefore I will not be on the line often, but still contactable via my Malaysia mobile number.

I hereby wishing everyone HAPPY HOLIDAY!!




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