Am Not Happy in Japan

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I've been in Japan since 3 Feb 2013 (Sunday). Today is already 8 Feb 2013. The 5th day coming to class.

I don't like to live in a way that keep counting down the days, because that means I'm very unhappy. But, this time I can't help too. I do that almost everyday and every moment. Too many ridiculous things were experienced here, from the sponsoring organization. They want to control everything, treating us (a batch of 30-40++ years old of people) like KIDS.

Apart from the 1st night, which I thought I was still affected by jetlag, I went out till late every night (Days 2 to 4).

D2 (5 Feb) - Went out with Masaru, Dom, Eddie to meet with Kaku. Went to the Roppongi then bought bento to Kaku's place to eat & chit chat. Reached home slightly before 11pm.

D3 (6 Feb) - Went out with Kaku to Akihabara to buy & look for some things (photography book of 森山大道 and Japanese language electronic dictionary). Then we went to somewhere nearby the Tsuukiji Fish Market to have sushi and sashimi. Perhaps due to I really had a truly bad day in class, I felt extremely glad to be companied by a good friend, being at a good restaurant, eating good food, forgetting about everything that's not-so-happy.

I didn't know the sushi/wasabi restaurants nearby the area are normally expensive (perhaps due to the ingredients are extremely fresh from the Tsuukiji Fish Market). I knew about that only on the next day from my Japanese classmates. Before going into the restaurant, Kaku requested me to let him pay for the meal. I said okay, but I've other conditions. After going in, I saw the prices though I didn't fully understand the menu. So, after eating a few, I indicated to him - no need to continue ordering if you are full already. But, he answered me, saying he was not full yet. I felt a bit guilty to have him pay 12,600 Yen (USD 135) for a 2-person meal. For me, that is too much.

After that, he tried to stop at the roadside to catch a taxi. I said to him, "Are you going to catch a taxi? No need taxi, train is enough." I know taxi in Tokyo is expensive (even my other Japanese classmates would choose train, not taxi). "I'm very rich today" he replied. And a taxi came and stopped, I had no choice but just to get in. Ah... I felt like... so bad... don't know how to explain my feeling that time. So we took taxi till the Shinagawa station. It's just 1 station from his house, and it's like 3-4 stations to my place (need to change train in between). Okay, that's still fine and acceptable for me.

I can get adapted easily to every country's public transportation, including the complicated train system in Japan. So I intended to say BYE to him at the station, but he insisted to see me go onto the train first.

"I'm not your daughter, I'm just your friend."
"You better let me pamper you now." (a bit funny to use the word PAMPER, but he always does not use English vocabularies very appropriately)

Last time we used to joke that we are having an adopted father/daughter relationship - but that's just a joke. While waiting, I told him while I was in Hong Kong last time, my ex-boss who is same age with him, also treated me like I don't know everything, will be easily cheated by people. All in all, I'm a very experienced backpacker who goes through a lot of challenges.

Anyway, I really appreciate that he brought me a good time that night. When we just met, he asked me how's my studies that day. Due to the fact that my "very angry" time was just over, in order to answer his questions very truthfully, I started to grumble. I even said that - I really don't like you Japanese people!!! It's enough for me to have only 11 Japanese friends. I don't want any more than that!!! I know I was kind of rude, but, I really could not control myself at that moment.

First time eating Sushi & Wasabi in Japan - a day of exception from my usual eating habit. Very delicious (I'm avid fan of sashimi, just that I gotta stop after starting my vegetarian meals). Thanks to Kaku for the dinner, as well as bringing me to Akihabara to buy stuff & being my translator. He paid about USD 135 for this single meal. He knows my style very well, so he asked me to let him pay before we actually stepped into the shop.

This shop is around Tsuukiji Fish Market. Small nice shop with only both of us as customers at that moment. The Sushi Chef talked to us a lot. I felt so uneasy when people stood there and watched me eat. Anyway, after a bad day in class, I felt very happy there with good friend, superb food and pleasurable chats. Sometimes, it's important to choose what to remember, what to temporarily forget.

As I wrote in my Thank You card to him (passed to him while he last visited me right before leaving Hawaii), based on the first impression I had on him (while watching their ICIC course final presentation - I didn't know anyone of the Japanese classmate yet during that time), I never think "he is my cup of tea" - meaning I never expect I will become good friend with him. However, throughout the 3 months in Hawaii, his generosity and patience really made me learned something and felt very appreciated.

I reached the place I stay at about 11:30pm. Met with my classmates at the Internet zone, and we started to talk about our class again. I couldn't believe that after everyday's class, all of us would have negative things to talk about. Two days seemed to be so long for all of us - it's like 2 years!! However, we are supporting each other well. When one is depressed, we'd say - there are only xx days more, they will pass very soon. Roles are always switched among people. Different people are depressed at different times. I also appreciate Lily (the "mother" of our class) to talk to me. She advised me to be more patient and how to endure the remaining hard times. I appreciate her concern too.

D3 (7 Feb) - During the day, Kaku asked if I want to go to other bookshops at night to find a book that I failed to search the night before (photography book of 森山大道). I have found something from Amazon. Due to the fact that having 2 people to spend time finding a book is not really efficient & cost-effective, I said no need to go. However, thinking that he might be missing us a lot, I said, we can still go out if he has time. After last night's "getting lost" many times experiences, he suggested to travel by his car. So, after class, we (Kaori, Dom, Eddie, I) met with him again. We went to somewhere near Odaiba and spent the entire night there, and reached "home" slightly before 12am.

They also realized that I was not such a "playful" girl while I was in Hawaii. So, to all the parents, it's true that you better don't try to control your children too much. Otherwise they will become like me.

ド = Do = super
給料泥棒 = Kyuuryou dorobou = salary stealing (get salary but don't do much work)
Today, while we chit chat in class, Nao mentioned again, saying that Masaru and I should get married with each other. She just said that we should be together on 21 Jan 2013. Her expectation seems to progress extremely fast. Honestly, I really wonder why she always thinks so. The funny thing is, when she shared her idea with another Japanese female classmate, she also agrees. In order to please Nao, every time when I was going out with Masaru (and other people), I would notify her, saying that "I'm going dating with Masaru."

However, when she seriously asked me if I can stay in Japan (in case I really get married with Masaru), my answer was NO!!! I think I will die very fast if I stay in Japan.

8 Feb - Today is Friday. Saturday to Monday are public holidays. 12-13 Feb we still have class. After that, I'M FREE!!!! I can't wait for the day to come!!!!




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