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Posted on Saturday, 2 February 2013 by haan | 0 comments

Will be leaving home at 0700 tomorrow for airport, then fly to Tokyo. It's a 9-hour flight. 

After reaching Japan, I might not have many chances to get online. The place we stay doesn't provide free WiFi. 

"Internet connection is available from 7am to midnight in the lobby. 10 people can concurrently use the Internet connection. To activate the connection, please go to the reception and inform your name and room number and receive a LAN cable and a usage record note. You are supposed to use the designated port. Once you have finished, please write your name, room number, date, starting time and finishing time on the usage record note and return it to the reception together with the LAN cable. Please do not lend the LAN cable directly to other people."

As you can see, it's THAT STRICT. 

According to my Japanese classmates, they said Free WiFi is not too common in Japan, due to security issues. Even in Starbucks, you can't get it. Anyway, McD does provide that. 

Also, it's not easy to get a prepaid SIM card in Japan. Visitors can't buy. You can rent, but it's very expensive. During my 3 months here in Hawaii, I don't have a mobile SIM card too. I've lived perfectly well. But as you know, I'm on the line almost every moment :P 

1 Feb 2013 - My last day in Hawaii. I thought I won't feel to leave here. However, seeing people leaving one-by-one, I start to feel lonely. Gonna say bye to sunshine and beach. Next will be.. hello snow!

I'd have a safe flight, and I believe the remaining moments in Japan would be smooth as well. Though freezing, I should be able to survive :) 

Everything here in Hawaii is settled and done. I'm ready to go on to the next stage. 




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