D'Cave Homestay, Mulu

Posted on Sunday, 17 March 2013 by haan | 3 comments
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I'd say this is a comfortable place to stay. The charge is MYR25/night, inclusive of breakfast. On the first day we arrived, I found it quite dirty. That was because, the hosts were away to Miri for a month. They only got back to Mulu 1-day earlier than us. So, a lot of things were not cleaned yet when we reached. There are cats going around freely. This is the only concern for me. However, I just need to be careful when I sit outside our room, and always remember to close the room of our room.

The hosts, Dina and Robert are very nice people. Robert is the head of security at the Mulu National Park. On the 2nd of our stay there, they have cleaned up most of the places we need (especially the space outside our room). The breakfast every morning is different. Electricity is not available at all times. When they see guests going back at night, they would start to turn on the generator. It will last until after you sleep, at about 1am. This place is definitely recommended. The contact details are:

There are other homestay accommodations available, mostly located nearer to the Mulu National Park HQ. Mulu River Lodge charges MYR35/pax. The biggest dormitory can accommodate up to 24 people. There are smaller rooms too (2-4 people), the charge is also by person, MYR35 each. I met someone a day, he told me that if you could not book the Pinnacles trip from the National Park, you could contact Mulu River Lodge. They have licensed guide as well. I'm not too sure if that's true, but you can try if there is really no other choice. The contact numbers are shown.

My travel-mate has info about an accommodation near to the Mulu Airport too. I share it here as well:

If you contact agent, most of the time they will recommend you the luxury Royal Mulu Resort, or to stay within the Mulu National Park. For me, those are too expensive, and I'm not looking for comfort when I travel. This is the information about staying within the Mulu National Park (click on the image to view the words clearly):

Last but not least, these are some photos of D’Cave Homestay for your references.

Different breakfast is served everyday.


Anonymous said...

do you have contact details for d-cave homestay??

haan said...

Please check the article carefully. All contact details have been shared.

Time Traveller said...

Thanks Haanism for you good info about accommodation in Mulu Sarawak..

Hope will enjoy my tour there in couples of days from next week.. :D

Salam Kenal Dari Saya Time Traveller



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