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Mount Luho (Boracay's Highest Point)

It's only about 100m above sea level. It is high enough to offer you the panoramic view of the entire island. You could go there by riding ATV. We chose to go there by tricycle, paying an amount of 500 Peso per tricycle (fit 6 of us), for the period of 1 hour. Left White Beach at about 5pm. It takes only about 10 minutes to reach Mount Luho. Admission fee is 120 Peso per pax.

We expected to see pretty sunset from there, but left the place with disappointment. No worries, we were then rewarded with a colorful sunset at the White Beach!

Puka Shell Beach

This is the first destination of our 4-hour island hopping. This 1.3km long beach, located at a pimped-out tourist zone, is also known as Puka Beach. It's the next longest Boracay beach after White Beach. Its name is derived from tiny puka shells found on this beach. The sand in Puka Shell Beach is coarser, unlike the same fine white sand in White Beach.

Crocodile Island

It's not an island full of crocodiles. Just that the island looks like a crocodile. Went there for snorkelling. Fee is 20 Peso per person.

Looks like a crocodile?

Snorkeling Fee

There are a lot of massage services available along the White Beach, ranging from indoor to outdoor. My mates went massaging almost every night. I went once only. Palassa Spa is the favourite place to go as it's the cheapest and the service is not worse than the more expensive ones. Full body massage (1 hour) for just 300 Peso (USD7 or RM22). And, it's indoor. 

Scuba Dive

I did not go scuba diving this round in Boracay, but my travel-mate went together with my scuba diving instructor group. That was the day for me to leave (they all left on the next day), so I didn't want to get myself wet. Most of the dive centers offer a fun dive with equipment for 1600 Peso (about RM120). If you bring your own diving gears, the price is 1250 Peso. Since they went in a big group (7 people), I'm not sure if they get a better discounted offer.

The price for Discover Scuba is 3000 Peso. Discover Scuba is for those who do not have a license but wish to experience scuba dive.

Sunset Sailing & Parasailing

Sunset sailing is popular in Boracay. Since I've never tried that, I intended to try. We got a good deal, which is 1000 Peso for 6 people on a same sail. However, due to various reasons, the plan eventually did not come true. Though the sunset is normally the most beautiful at about 6:20pm (during the time we visited, May 2013), the 40-min trip has to start by 6pm. If you make your decision too late, sorry, please come again on the next day.

I didn't go for parasailing too but my mates went. It's 15 minutes in the sky, costing you 800 Peso/pax. In fact, there are a lot of activities available in Boracay. You could choose and negotiate based on your own preference.

Post Office & Postcards

I usually send postcards to friends when I travel. They do the same to me too. This is our promise to each other. Postcards are sold for 20 Peso (RM1.50 or USD0.50) each. The price seems to be standard everywhere. It's 20 Peso to send one postcard overseas. If you are sending it to Philippines (domestic), it's 13 Peso.

The post office is located at Station 1. It's a very simple post office. You can either go there by tricycle, or there's no problem to walk there slowly.

If you walk along the White Beach (towards Station 1), when you see this Little Prairie Inn, you should turn right to the main road. Then, turn left and walk a little, you will see the post office. I walked till I need to U-turn back, so giving you tips here. 


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