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After voting for the 13th Malaysian General Election, I'm going to the Philippines soon!!

There are 11 countries in the South-east Asia. There are 3 which I'm yet to explore: Philippines, Myanmar, East Timor.

This trip was planned long time ago back in 2012, when a travel-mate saw the promo tickets from Cebu Pacific Air. We managed to get truly cheap air tickets:
  1. KUL to Cebu (Cebu Air) - RM 145.88
  2. Cebu to Boracay (Cebu Air) - RM 141.17
  3. Boracay to Clark (Air Asia) - RM RM 36.97
  4. Clark to KUL (Air Asia) - RM 111.06
Total = RM 435.08

Our original date of departure should be 4 May 2013. However, the 13th Malaysian General Election falls on 5 May 2013. In order to execute the responsibility as a citizen, we have to postpone our trip to a day later. We need to give up the first 2 flights and buy a new ticket.
  1. KUL to Cebu (Cebu Air) - RM 145.88
  2. Cebu to Boracay (Cebu Air) - RM 141.17
  3. KUL to Boracay (Cebu Air, transit in Manila) - RM 635
  4. Boracay to Clark (Air Asia) - RM RM 36.97
  5. Clark to KUL (Air Asia) - RM 111.06
Total = RM 1,070.08

We have to miss the opportunity to explore the Cebu city as well. 

Though being unlucky, I treat this as a challenge to all of us, to see if we are a patriotic and responsible citizen to our country. We used to have disputes when trying to decide whether to go with original plan or to change date. 

If I give up this trip, I will lose RM 632, and also a chance to travel with them. If I give up my voting rights, I might blame myself forever. So, the final decision is to spend more money to get a new ticket. 

I hope I've made a correct decision. Now, I wish this will be an enjoyable trip.


P/S: The above was prepared and written quite many days before the election day. 

Today is 0505, our election day. I went to the polling center early to cast my vote. I was lucky, nothing bad happened to me. After that, I went home and checked the news on Facebook. Sad to see a lot of DIRTY TRICKS happening here and there around the entire Malaysia. 

Now (3pm 0505), I'm still yet to leave my hometown for the city. Not sure what's going to happen tonight. Are we able to UBAH? I have been quite careless when packing my stuff. For example, my charger was already packed but I forgot, hence looking for it up and down. Also, I almost forgot about my passport. 

What can I do apart from asking my friends to give up trips to vote, making sure I go to vote no matter what happens, buying flight tickets for my brother to come back etc... I'm sorry I can't contribute in being a PaCaBa/Pemantau or be at the voting venue to help in "catching ghosts". Seeing the news about the delible indelible ink, about the phantom voters, about the "ghosts", I think everyone feels helpless. 

It's a big shame for us to have such a DIRTY government. It's not too late to know it now. We all want a change, and have done our part to get it. I really can't do much with the remaining things. What I hope is, things will turn out good. Most of the time, you will be undergoing the saddest moment just right before the turning point. 

We are all at the turning point now. Hope we could get a GOOD TURN soon. Now I know I made a right choice to stay and vote, instead of going to Philippines as per original plan. If I were there, I'd just get online to check news. When reading about those bad news, I'd blame myself seriously, and I know that will last very long, especially if we fail. 

Okay, still, while preparing for the worst, I still hope for the best! 




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